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 Professional Fields
 Translation Work
  Investment and
Legal Due Diligence (LDD) Report,Term Sheet, Share Transfer Agreement, Shareholders Agreement,Articles of Association,Credit Financing Contract,Fund / Trust / Securities Documents,Compliance Regulations and Investigation Report,Corporate Governance Report,Meeting Minutes,Legal Advice,Notary / Attestation Certificate, Etc.
Prospectus,Annual Report,Facility Agreement,Guarantee Contract,Insurance Policy,Bank Credit and Guarantee Contract,Fund Promoters Agreement,Fund Contract / Charter,Depository Agreement,IPO / Fund Prospectus,Corporate Governance / Compliance Regulations and Investigation Report, etc.
 Foreign Investment
Documents for Establishment of Enterprises,Feasibility Study Report,Shareholders Meeting Resolution/ Board of Directors Resolutions,Compliance Documents such as FCPA, etc. / Policy / Investigation Report,Application Form of Establishment of Foreign invested enterprise,Feasibility Report,Legal Opinion,Shareholders Agreement,Board of Directors Resolution,Articles of Association,Capital Increase Documents,Documents of Application for Foreign Exchange Approval,Company Guarantee,Credit Financing Agreement,Sales Contract,Distribution Contract,Agency Arrangement,Lease Agreement,Employee Manual,Litigation and Arbitration Documents, etc.
International Sale Contract, B/L, Insurance Policy, Letter of Credit, Letter of Guarantee, Bidding Documents, Foreign Trade Correspondence, International / Overseas Bidding and Tendering Document, Intellectual Property Right Transfer and License Agreement, Administration / Litigation / Arbitration Documents and Evidence Materials, etc.
Vessel Sales/ Mortgage/ Lease Contract, Ship Collision / Average, Shipment / Insurance Agreement, Marine Insurance, Litigation / Arbitration Documents and Evidence Materials, Antidumping / Countervailing, L/C, Credit Financing Contract, etc.
Labor Contract, Mon-competition Agreement, Share Incentive Plan, Labor Dispute Arbitration and Litigation Documents, etc.


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